Updates, Updates, Updates, and an Announcement

What a month or whatever it’s been. I have a lot to tell, so hang on to your butts. There’s an announcement in here, too. That’s exciting.

—Kerry and I moved again. The fourth time this year. We now have a bigger apartment with a second bedroom and bathroom, that just so happens to have our old full-sized bed. But don’t worry, readers, we aren’t sleeping on the couch. No, we got ourselves a queen. Not just a queen, but a Sealy queen and you just sink into it. It’s also on top of a box spring and this awesome frame so we’re about 10 feet from the ground. Pretty sick. The rest of the apartment is coming together and will be open for visitors (the approved kind) soon.

—You know what else we got? A dog.


We named her Darla. She’s a 2-year-old Pocket Pittie (smaller, about 40 lbs). Poor thing is confined to her crate for right now thanks to dying-off heartworms, so we aren’t allowed to get her heart rate up lest she die. It’s probably for the best, since she and our cat need to get cool with each other and the crate helps prevent potentially dangerous confrontations. We’re working on training, but hot damn, is it hard. Darla’s not much for listening so that’s a tough time. Optimistic about it, though.

—Up for donating to a good cause? Click here to help my friend, Lucy, reach a totally attainable $500. I threw in the little I could (I could paid Monday!) and you should, too. These days, creative ventures are gutted left and right, whether at school or at after-school programs, so the fact that this one, 826 Michigan, is providing an outlet to teach and let kids express themselves is f#cking beautiful to me. Get on it, readers!

—After checking out the stellar Matchmaker Band at the One-2-One bar’s Motown Mondays, we’ve started taking dance lessons. West Coast Swing, if you must know (and I’m sure you must). I’m not confident enough in the little we know to try it out in public yet, but we’re getting there. I’ve never been the most coordinated or balance-savvy fellow so working arms and legs together while doing separate things and also leading gets complicated fast. But soon, soon I’ll actually be able to move on the dance floor and not just flop about.

—We’re back CrossFitting. Gorram, am I out of shape. You’ll be able to read all about it in my Leave Your Ego at the Door blog, which I should have updated and posted later today or Monday. Taking 4+ months off from physical activity has been terrible for me and I’m finally excited to get back into it. I’ve lost a ton of strength, as you can imagine, which has been the sharpest shot to my ego. But I’m learning new exercises and I’m coming in with a different mindset and new knowledge. I’m working out smarter now, so here’s to getting back in shape!

—I’m now a contributing writer for Sound On Sight’s comic book section. I’m pretty stoked about it and have written two reviews so far: Mighty Avengers #1 and Buzzkill #1. I’m not so sure how I feel about reviewing, since that’s not so much my style, but I’m definitely going to give it the old post-college try. If you want to keep an eye on all my writings, you’ll want to pay attention to this page. Which brings me to my next bit of news.

—My superheroes and reality features (starting with my new take on Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy) will be moved over to Sound On Sight. I’ll be able to give you all a snippet here on this blog, but going forward, my comic booky stuffs will be posted over there. I’m excited about it: you all still get to read my ish but now, even more eyes will see my nutty opinions. Can’t say that’s a bad thing. Plus, I’ve got big ideas for the Comic Book section. Besides the remainder of my reality series, I have a few big features coming up starting mid-October that I expect you’ll all enjoy. I’m working out the name for it, but it’s basically an indie creators spotlight, so if you have any good titles, I’m open to suggestion!

—I missed a plethora of birthdays! So happy belated birthday to my Aunt Mary, Ashlee, H-Bomb, Thai, Adam, and everyone else I managed to miss (again)!

—Many, many congratulations to my friends Bree and Chris on their engagement. We all knew it was coming but I’m stoked it’s official. Things look great for the two of you and I’m already looking forward the wedding. Kerry and I will be bringing our dancing skills, which should be as well-honed as Batman’s own detective skills by July 2015.

—Right, so, announcement time. I’ve been teasing on Facebook since the start of this week (I think). I took a lesson from Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight‘s teaser trailer and gave you all nothing. No indication or hint. Why? Because the second you start implying or giving something away, you give the hype a direction and preconceived notions. I like keeping the hype broad, so it can appeal to everyone—close friends, family, acquaintances, strangers. I’m no fool. I’m at the age where people start getting married and/or having kids. Some of you might be thinking that. It isn’t. I’m still warming up to the idea of marriage (but can’t wait to be a dad—weird, right?), but all that’s for a whole different blog. What is the announcement, then? First, I need you to click play, because who doesn’t like a little musical accompaniment?

Kerry and I are starting a business. A Paleo food delivery service. Austin has a food trailer and one other food delivery that provides Paleo, but isn’t dedicated to it, so there’s plenty of space for us to kick ass. We’re happy to take our love of cooking, food, and eating whole foods and turn it into a business. We’ll be starting off catering to CrossFit gyms (but I have big ideas for expansion) and we’re incredibly grateful to have two interested in this so far. We’re researching local farms, heading to the weekend’s farmer’s market to meet potential suppliers, finding local t-shirt and merchandise printers/vendors because we want this to be an Austin-based company in every possible way.

For my readers who have no idea what Paleo is, I’ll give you my definition of it: Meat, fruit, vegetables (nuts and healthy fats, too). Simple, whole foods. Grass-fed and free-range whenever we can. Food that’s had as little tampering by man as possible (yeah, I know, olive and coconut oils go through a certain amount of processing. You pick and choose your battles). This is a diet that’s done great by Kerry and me and we want to provide an outlet for it.

Our Kickstarter should launch next week and we’re working right now to secure the name and have a logo created (gotta spend $ to make $). I’ll be meeting with a couple of friends who might be able to help us out with a Kickstarter strategy and video because we want this to be a success. We’d love for you all to help us get there.


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